Whether using a blank or a minted coin: the delicate handling with your products is our highest priority.
Accuracy and reliability are essential in handling, as all your products should find their way through production without interruption - the provident planning of buffer zones and communication between machines/processes ensures this.



As a certified EPSON Integrator we have years of experience and have completed many successful projects.

Preferably we use Scara-Robots for our projects. The excellent cost-performance ratio, the high precision of repetition accuracy and the simple handling in daily use makes these robots the product of choice.

EPSON Robotic is one of the market leaders in this field and offers worldwide on-site support. This continued development of the technology guarantees high availability and reliability, which your application deserves.

Robots and camera systems from EPSON work hand in hand.


  Conveyance & Decollating

We convey blanks from different sized bunker systems, if need be - from Big-Bag format. Even in bulk we treat your product as carefully as possible, which our proven solutions from the area of conveying technology ensure.

As MiniTec-System partners, we develop and design such solutions since more than 20 years.

Special solutions in the area of decollating assure that your products are not unnecessarily clashed against each other and remain free of markings.

Our conveyance and decollating rates of up to 60 pieces per minute prove successful in continuous use.

  Pick & Place

As soon as a blank/coin is singularized, an additional optional process can be added. With pick & place avoidance of marking is an important factor.

Highest precision is required; often tolerances of fractions of millimeters are necessary to pick a blank/coin. Should an unforeseen situation take place, your coin is securely held – until the process continues.

Functions like this and failure safety distinguish our solutions and enhance your productivity and ease of use.