Material Recovery

  Material Recovery

The top priority in coin production - ensuring the minimum weight of a blank - usually means accepting a significant excess weight. With the NEW technology for material recovery, after 10 years of experience in this very sensitive area, we have succeeded in creating the second generation of material recovery, which offers further improvements in material removal, speed and process stability.

It is now possible to reduce excess weight to the minimum possible level and thus save costs and production capacity. Find out what this can mean for your production here.


The process of material removal is still often done by hand or electrochemically - both methods are proven to be inefficient and unsustainable.

With the development of the second generation of material removal machines, Economa has succeeded in improving the proprietary process in which the excess weight of a round or bars is removed.


Never it has been possible to remove excess material from the blank with such a precision in a fully automated coin production – at the same time reducing excess weight to a minimum precisely, repeatably and safely. The result is clear to see: significantly reduced production costs and a significant reduction in rejects.

  Perfect Blanks

Automatic loading and unloading via SCARA Cobot GX20 with a working range of 1000 mm 

  • Includes gripper for containers, handling weight approx. 12.5 kg, equivalent to approx. 400 troy ounces
  • Blanks are separated and fed to the machine at a speed of 50 pieces per minute
  • Weighing line with input and output weighing – blanks with a maximum diameter of 45 mm and a maximum thickness of 6 mm can be processed here
  • The weighing process is carried out using a Mettler Toledo scale with a repeatability of < 0.00013 mg
  • Reject blanks (too light/too heavy) are collected in one box each
  • A material recovery system can consist of one or two processing stations (throughput up to 40 pieces/min)
  • The removed chips are free of contamination and can be processed directly in the melt
  • Every blank that leaves the machine is 100% weighed and corresponds to the minimum weight




Of course, what we do with our machine is nothing entirely new. The way we do it, however, is. And this “how” is so special that it has been secured in international patents.

This also means that you are safe from counterfeits that promise more than they deliver - because as developers of this technology, we are proud to be the only manufacturer of these systems! We are constantly working on further developing the performance data of this machine in detail and improving the achievable results. Today, with the development of the second generation, we can present impressive values in the processing of blanks and bars. Our machines are available for gold, silver and other precious metals.

1 Oz Round Gold Blank 
Sample number……………100.000 pcs

Before Material Recovery (red)
Average……………31,191 g  |  Standard deviation 0,0035

After Material Recovery (blue)
Average……………31,122 g  |  Standard deviation 0,0015

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