Material Recovery

  Material Recovery

The prime requirement of coin production: to observe the minimum weight.

To control the minimum weight of a coin is the corner stone of any mint, whether in the investor- or the collector sector. To ensure this, a bit more is added rather than too little.


To keep this “more” as small as possible, different approaches have been pursued: on one hand the shaping processes were improved, on the other hand controlled removal of material was performed. This was done either by hand or electrochemically by galvanizing processes.

Both methods achieve removal of material, yet are inefficient and the chemicals used in electroplating should be judged critically.

Now envision a machine that is able to weigh, scan, and process a heavy blank , thus producing  a blank with an optimized minimum weight deviation of  +/- 0.01 g. The removed material would be free of contamination and could be melted again immediately.
The good news is that this machine exists (developed by us) – for gold, silver, and other precious metals.

  Perfect Blanks

The advantage that you can achieve is obvious: by better use of existing raw material you can increase the quantity of your production.

What sounds like alchemy is a clever combination of various techniques. Meanwhile our machines are successfully in use for more than three years and have saved many kilograms of gold and hundreds of kilograms of silver.

Have you ever calculated how much you could save?

The technology is flexible, whether processing blanks or other geometric shapes. Contact us for a meeting to learn more about this process. The range of options we can offer for your production, will surprise you.


  Remain on top

What we are doing with our machines may not be new, but how we do it is innovative. This innovative process is so special that it is protected by an international patent.

This also means that you are protected from plagiarisms, which promise more than they can offer, as we are the developers of this technology and the only manufacturer of these machines.

We continuously work to further develop the performance of the machine and to improve achievable results. Thus we are able to present impressive results regarding the processing of gold and silver blanks.

Silver: 35 pieces/minute, target weight +/- 10 mg
Gold: 15 pieces/minute, target weight +/- 3 mg

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