Finally, millions of coins run through the final process of your production: the packaging.

Previously all these coins were punched, weighed, coined and examined with great care – with the ultimate goal of being packaged in tubes.

So that the packaging does not become the bottleneck, we have developed a scalable solution that packages your coins with a throughput of 150 to 350 pieces per minute.


Additionally, at this point fastidious care is taken not to compromise the previously established high quality of your products. This means that every layer of coins is individually and controllably placed over each other – we do this to ensure that no scratches are caused by this process.

Every piece, whether in a tube or box, is monitored throughout the complete packaging process. Several systems run in parallel in order to guarantee that at the end the specified number of coins is packaged.

  Exact & High-Precision

The simultaneous grasping of a layer of up to 25 coins is exciting. Apart from the exact positioning of the coins in the gripper, the true challenge is to monitor the permanent presence. The permanent control of all coins is an important part in the monitoring process in regard to the complete filling.

Should a single coin trigger the monitoring system, the entire layer will be deposited in a designated place, while the rest of the machine continues to operate. The equipment will only enter a predefined rest position if this sequence is triggered several times in sequence, whereby an intervention by personnel will become necessary.


  Fits, suits, is airtight – the lid

To precisely place a lid onto a tube is more difficult than one would expect. The production tolerances of the plastic lid has to be compensated by the mechanics plus, the lid needs to snap in place.

And all of this needs to function almost perfectly, as a stand still in this area often requires manual intervention.

As a result, we check all lidswith the utmost precision before they go on to be processed. This visual check allows us to turn the lid so that your logo is always facing the same way. Only when we are absolutely certain that the stack of coins has the appropriate height, the lid is placed on the tube and sealed.

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