The World of Minting

There is hardly a branch of trade that has such a long history as minting. For approximately 6500 years precious metals have been formed into coins and used as both trade and value objects.

Over the years production technologies have changed dramatically, although in its essence the coin has remained the same in its use as a value and art object.

With today’s technologies the demands on the production process have increased. Today’s coin is an expression of creative and artistic design as well as the highest possible technical perfection in production.

The unique beauty of design of a coin relief manifests itself in tiny details that can additionally be used as security features – thereby closing the circle of requirements of maintaining constant high precision in production with all the necessary test and measuring processes.

Highest precision and the ultimate care in handling are necessary prerequisites for a successful mass production ...

As a highly skilled special machinery manufacturer and integrator we use and develop the necessary technologies to satisfy these high requirements for measurement, production, and handling processes with much commitment and passion. With decades of expertise in the pharmaceutical- automotive- and electronics industries, we have developed core technical know-how.
Innovation and quality awareness as well as the joy of realization are the pillars of our company!