Safe Robotics


The close collaboration between operators and robots in production must be safe, efficient and productive.

If an application is to be carried out fence-free - which means significant space savings and therefore cost reductions - strict compliance with safety standards and norms is essential.


SCARAflex is a security application that enables a fence-free and collaborative application. It combines the best of two worlds: the precision and durability of the EPSON Scara series with the space-saving, collaborative SCARAflexapplication.

Working without a safety fence, safe, fully automatic loading and unloading are just some of the special features of this application - of course in accordance with high industry standards.

  the three KEY FEATURES

DETECTION PADS. Airtight, soft pads that detect deformation by constantly monitoring inner air pressure. Any deviation from this specific air pressure is detected, which causes the robot to stop - regardless of whether this deviation was caused by a collision or surface damage. As a result, the pad is also able to detect any damage to the surface.

SPEED GUARDS. The Speed Guard is a 3-axle sensor system, which reliably and continuously monitors the robot speed. If the speed limit is exceeded, the system triggers the stop. The speed limit is set by the system integrator – after the corresponding “risk assessment” is performed and power/pressure measurements for the entire application.

Detection Flange. The Detection Flange is a certified component, which constitutes the mechanical interface for a gripper or vacuum cup. It can flexibly deploy in the event of a collision; this movement is detected and reliably triggers the stop. The flange moves back to its precise initial position.
If a finger gripper is used, the integrator is responsible for selecting a secure gripper and performing a risk assessment, which also includes the gripper.



All active components of SCARAFLEX®
have the certification as a Safety Part

> Product: AIRSKIN® by Blue Danube Robotics 

> ISO 13849-1 Cat 3 / Ple
> IEC 62061 SILCL 3

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